Samos Island

Samos is an island in N.E. Aegean, lies east of the Ikarian Sea has an area of ​​470 km2. It is only 1500 meters from the coast of Asia Minor.
The name means place high in antiquity, among others had taken many names like: Doryssa, Dryoussa, Parthenia, Anthemis, Melamfyllos and Phillas.
Samos in ancient times has made great personalities in the field of arts and sciences with worldwide reach like: The philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the famous mathematician and astronomer Aristarchus of Samos. The painter Agatharkos, the famous architect Theodoros, Aesopos with the famous fables, the navigator Kolaeos who first dared to travel to the Atlantic Ocean and finally the great philosopher and daughter of Pythagoras Damo.

Samos is an island with a great story, unbelievable beauty with a natural beauty that can satisfy all expectations for a holiday, cover all tastes. During your stay on the island of Samos not forget to visit and learn about: The Efpalinion Tunnel, aqueduct is one of the architectural wonders of antiquity. The Ireon temple of goddess Hera, which are numerous events in the "Heraia Pythagoria festival." The Archaeological Museum, the ancient theater of Samos, who until now happening cultural events and theatrical performances.
The palace and the walls of the old city. The famous library of Samos, which works until now. The Paleontological Museum of Samos in the village of Mytilinioi and the folklore exhibition. The Wine Museum in the city of Samos in Vathi.
The castle of Polycrates and the walls of the city of Pythagorion standing as towering examples of the old power and glory of the island that will enchant you.
You can still enjoy the beautiful blue Aegean waters, magnificent beaches along the island with crystal waters and spectacular sunsets.
Do not forget to experience the underwater beauty of the island by scuba diving in the Marina Pythagorion.

Also, do not forget to visit: the many monasteries of Samos, who with devotion for centuries until now attract many visitors.